September 2016 - Work From Home & Parenting

The secret of Happiness is Financial Freedom, the secret of Financial Freedom is….

Everyone knew that Financial Freedom gives big impact to your life happiness. What is the path to financial freedom?

incomeIf there’s continuing income flow to you even though you are not working that’s Passive Income. Means, you are not trade your precious time for money and you only use minimum effort to maintain the lifestyle you want. 

What if you only have income if you are working, no one pay you if you stop work? That’s Active Income. It could be your salary, commission, or even income generated from your business. 

Financial Freedom doesn’t counts by how much saving you have or how much you earn monthly as quoted by Robert Kiyosaki. The real wealth is not count by the amount of money you have, it’s depends on how long you can survive if you stop work. 

If you can only survive 3 years after stop working, you are defined as financial freedom for 3 years only. If you stop work and never ever need to worry about money matter, that’s the real Financial Freedom. The freedom to do whatever you want. 

Hence, the condition precedent to Financial Freedom is Passive Income….!


Many people are willing to work hard for their lifetime to earn the Active Income and worry about their retirement life forever. There are other category of people who recognize the opportunity to work hard for the first few years and enjoy the Passive Income for years to come. Which category of people you are? Are you willing to change yourself for the sake of changing your life?

#Check out the home business opportunity where you get to earn both active and passive income. I am not saying that you no need to work . But you work hard for the first few years to enjoy the fruits of your hard work later. 🙂