October 2016 - Work From Home & Parenting

Success = (d+g+a)i2

What is the success formula in business, be it online business, networking, or self-employ?

Have you ever felt that you have spent long time and your whole life working on your business but yet with little or no result ?

Yes. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Other than time, have you done it the right way?

I just learnt the formula to succeed regardless you are an online business entrepreneur, net-worker or self employ business owner.


S= (d+g+a)i2

What’s that ?

”Success = add together a burning desire + written goal + consistent activity then multiply the mixture with self improvement square.”

Why square? The book you read, the CD you listen, the seminar or training you attended, the knowledge you gain creates powerful synergistic effect over time.

Do you have burning desire to change and improve in your life for success? Have you set up your goal ? Do you have mentor and motivation to keep going consistently? Are you consistently improve yourself? That leads to your success or failure.

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