December 2016 - Work From Home & Parenting

Goal 2017 – Make sure you achieve it

Have you set your goal for 2017 and how to achieve it?

Another 20 days mark the end of year 2016 and approaching year 2017. How is your year 2016?

Study reveals that only 2% of people set their goal and working towards achieving it. Those are the successful people whom you are envying of.

GOAL is something realistic and achievable. It has a time frame and measurable.

WISHes don’t require any energy or discipline, and any commitment; Goals do.

goal setting

WRITE it down

Yes, everyone owns a smartphone and can note down whatever they like including their new year resolution. However, if you take the effort to write down the goal with your pen, indirectly you are committed to it, and subconsciously you will find way and seize the opportunity to achieve it.

Goal - What; When; How

Write down now

What you want to achieve;

When you will achieve it; and

How to achieve it

Goal in different aspects

Do not confine it within one aspect only. You might want to achieve something in your financial aspect, but you can set goal for other aspects, be it in terms of your health, family, community, career and etc. Don't you agree that life balance constitute of not only one aspect?

Get started

If you had wasted your year 2016, get a pen and paper write down your goal today so that you have a focus to work towards it! Be among the 2% of the successful mindset. Without any focus and resolution to change, your life will remain the same.

My goal during 2016 is to affiliate with a perfect product that fulfill all my requirements so that I can just concentrate to market it online/offline to bring passive income and help others to do the same. Glad that I found it and met an awesome team that accountable for my success. My goal this year is to bring it to next level. Feel free to check it out Here and I will help you to set your goal. Wish you all the best in year 2017 🙂