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‘Big Why’ Impact On Your Success That You Shouldn’t Ignore

‘Big Why’ Impact On Your Success That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Big Why is important in Entrepreneurship, here’s why….

Being an Entrepreneur is not easy, you see. If you are an Entrepreneur or Entrepreneur to-be, how many times were you thinking of giving up your dream?

Yes, you may have been taken the step to get out of your comfort zone, embarked on entrepreneurial journey, work for yourself.

Nevertheless, there’s no highway towards your success, if you have read countless of success stories, successful entrepreneur went through bushes, forest, desert and bleed before reaching their goal.

In fact, the difference between success and failure is Persistence. What makes the real entrepreneurs persist in their dream ? —- Their belief system and their ‘Big Why’ that are huge enough in overcoming every barrier that get in their way!

What’s your reason that make you diving into entrepreneurship in the first place? What makes you thinking of stepping out of your comfort zone or 9-5 job?

I have read that the statistic shows that peoples who are drawn to change their life (pull factor) rather than forced into this option (push factor) due to certain circumstances are more likely to succeed in their entrepreneurship.

If you are determining to be a successful a Entrepreneur, find out your ‘BIG WHY’.

Write down your reasons, it could be due to financial freedom, passive income, time flexibility, your children, your parent, you want to get out of rat race or even due to the fear of your evil boss or colleagues.

Don’t write down one reason only but think of at least Ten to Twenty reasons that pull you into entrepreneurship.

Would you agree with me that, human beings are lazy generally, and easily give up their dream without sufficient attractive reward? So, write down minimum 10 rewards that you could think of!

By then, you know your effort is going to worth it and very rewarding. Keep the note as your reminder.

Inevitably, you will face numerous barriers down the road, revisit your note whenever you are going to give up.

With the driving force and strong will, you will find a way to make it happen, because the rewards that you could think of will overcome your fear and motivate you to go further!

If you fail, change your plan or method, not your goal

A more effective way to keep going is giving a copy of your ‘ Big Why ‘ to someone you trust, it could be your mentor, your spouse or your best friend, who will undoubtedly happy to lift your spirit when you are having tough time.

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