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7 Factors that keep me sustaining breastfeeding

7 Factors that keep me sustaining breastfeeding

Next month is 4 years ‘anniversary’ of my second breastfeeding journey. Hurray!

Can’t imagine I have been a moo moo mum to my big monster for 26 months and to my little monster for 4 years now, yet still keep going. It’s tough but this round i decided to opt for baby-lead weaning.


Looking back, there are indeed lots of tears and hardship to be a successful breastfeed mother. Many friends keep asking how do I sustain for many years. After think long, here are the breastfeeding tips from my own experience to successfully breastfeed.

1. Pre delivery preparation 

I have to admit that pre-delivery preparation is important, in terms of knowledge. Absorb whatever breastfeeding tips and information as you can prior to delivery.

Same as most new mums out there, I told myself I want to breastfeed when I was conceiving the 1st time. That’s it, without trying to read and learn the relevant information. I thought breastfeeding is easy and even standby a small tin of formula milk for the “in case”.

Not until my elder girl was born, she sucked then cried forever. End up I resorted to the “technique” of letting her suck then offered formula milk for a month before I learnt and read what a breastfed mum should know.

2. Breastfeeding Friendly Hospital


If you want to breastfeed successfully, choose a breastfeed friendly hospital. The first bonding right after the baby is born is important. Tell the nurses in advance your intention to breastfeed so that they will not offer formula milk to the baby.

I choose to deliver at Putrajaya Hospital during 2nd pregnancy. It’s tough as the baby will be with you all day round but you get to feed on demand.

3. Confinement Lady

This is one of the big obstacles to mums who employ confinement lady as a helper.

I had a bad experience with the first confinement lady, who always complained my breastmilk supply was not enough, baby hungry and etc. I couldn’t forget how I dropped tears in the blanket during midnight with my breast engorged to fullest but my baby was fed with formula milk  by the helper. Yet I dared not to object.

Be sure to choose a breastfeed friendly confinement lady too. Tell her in firm that you want to breastfeed without formula milk allowed. That’s what i did to my 2nd confinement lady who brought the baby to me whenever she cried for milk.

4. Mindset 

You think your milk supply not enough? Take the word of a nurse, she told me that she will never believe our breastmilk supply not enough unless the baby tells her. I suddenly “wake up” from my own myth after heard this and threw away the standby formula milk.

That marks my starting point of fully breastfeed my elder girl since 1 month old.

If you are a new mum, set your goal into a series of smaller milestone at 2 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months and etc.

After you get the hang of breastfeeding, it becomes a natural routine.

Set your brain to the concept of

supply = demand

You will have milk supply whenever baby needs it although you just fed 5 minutes ago.

5. Determination

There are too many hardship you have to go through to be a successful breastfed mum.

Stress at work, no time to pump, no suitable place to pump milk, questions posted by busybody, sick, engorgement, block milk duct, mastitis and the list goes on.

Learn to pretend deaf to nonsense comments. Breastfeed or pump the milk regularly no matter how busy how sick you are.

One of my unforgettable experience is bringing the breastpump while admitted hospital. Pump on time although severely diarrhea due to food poisoning.

Without realize, determination and perseverance become the factors for a busy moo moo to continue the journey.

6. Support of Spouse and Family

Communicate with our spouse and family to get the support in our breastfeeding journey.

Direct latch and washing sterilizing bottle and breastpump take up a lot of time. Be firm and confident on what you are doing is right.

Although my family members are supportive, but some of the time i still need to be thick skin pretending deaf whenever they can’t stand to complain what the hell i was doing in the kitchen with the bottle and pump.

7. Mingle with like minded mum for breastfeeding tips

With the convenience of internet and smartphone, there are many informative websites, forums and social media groups related to breastfeeding.

Join the group, discuss, ask questions, get support, get motivation. The more knowledge you gain, the more confident and longer you can sustain breastfeeding.

I don’t know how long i will be a moo moo this time, but looking back… it’s really worth it!

Leave your comment below if you have any other breastfeeding tips or any questions that i can help. Wishing you to be a successful moo moo mummy also 🙂

No matter how, there’s a will, there’s a way….

What’s your best tip ?

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Lexis Hibiscus vs Avani Sepang Gold Coast

Lexis Hibiscus or Avani Sepang Gold Coast, which one is better? Many parents were asking about it while deciding their family trip.

I had been to both resorts for family trip as well, here are some comparisons based on my experience.

Lexis Hibiscus

Image source:
Lexis hibiscus family trip
Image source

Since the resort was opened in year 2015, it has became one of the hot spot for vacation, perhaps popular due to the private swimming pool and glass panel on floor to view the marine life.

We went to Lexis Hibiscus resort last year and stayed in Premium Pool Villa, located in the hibiscus petal area. The resort was new and clean.

Same as other guests, we were excited with the in-room swimming pool, steam sauna room and the viewing glass on floor right after checked in the room.

Excited with viewing glass on floor!

Too bad the water underneath wasn’t crystal clear, so there were no marine life as described, a bit disappointed. Huhuu…

Nevertheless, we love the private swimming pool and steam sauna in the balcony.

We don’t need to carry swimming float, toys and etc and walk to public pool like other resorts. Just placed everything besides our own private pool, change in room then could jump into the water!

The best was you are able to enjoy private water fun with family members only without outsider in the same pool…! However, don’t try to swim naked in the pool because other resort room was quite close to each other. Ha…

We spent most of our time in room only since the kids love their own private pool.

lexis hibiscus private pool
View from the balcony

There were two big King bed in room, just nice for four of us. The facilities in the room were modern and clean as well. The resort even invested LED TV built-into full bronze mirror wall.

Other than the nice in-room facilities, you have to pay for the rest of the indoor and outdoor activities provided by the resort, too bad.. The kidz world, karaoke facility, bicycle, and some other water sports were all chargeable.

Avani Sepang Gold Coast

avani sepang gold coast
Image source

avani sepang gold coast review

We had a short getaway at Avani Sepang Gold Coast just recently. Instead of hibiscus petal, Avani uses the similar concept with the resorts spread along to form the palm tree.

Same as Lexis Hibiscus, the buggies service are available round the clock in resort. My two little monsters were excited with it every time.

avani sepang gold coast review

Overall, the resort looked a bit tire and old as compare to Lexis Hibiscus. Our room was considered clean, the only shortcoming was four of us had to share a King bed.

avani sepang gold coast review
Sunset view from the resort balcony

The kids were having fun in resort although without in-room private pool because they were entertained with many activities.

There’s a public infinity pool located at clubhouse area. Other than that, kid’s play area was providing free movie, coloring and board game. Batik painting, sand art and few other activities were chargeable, but the free activities were enough to make the kids occupied for an hour.

avani sepang gold coast things to do

Morning and evening time were good for beach activities, e.g. building sand castle and walk along the beach. My girls were shouting to see a lot of baby crabs !

avani sepang gold coast beach
Private beach of Avani
avani sepang beach
Can you see the baby crab!

avani sepang gold coast things to do

Another good thing I like here is there were plenty of bicycles nearby the lobby area. You can just grab it and cycling in the resort.

avani sepang gold coast bicycle

Which is good?

It depends on your expectation. If you like modern resort with private pool, Lexis Hibiscus is a good choice.

If you have lesser budget and don’t mind a moderate resort with similar concept, Avani Sepang Gold Coast could be your cup of tea. They have more variety of activities and a private beach for you to have family fun as well.

No matter whichever resort you are going, family bonding is most important right?! 😉


Check out TripSpin booking website for the price comparison before you book, sometimes you may get surprise cheap rate than other online booking websites.

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5 Myths that work at home mom never tell you

Work from home is nearly every mum’s dream.

Yes.. It is great.

  • You will be available whenever you are needed by your child.
  • You earn money yet can take care of the family at home.
  • It’s a perfect work-life balance that every mum is dreaming for.

While everybody is talking about the perk of working from home, is anybody telling you that working from home could be more challenging than working outside of home?

Here are 5 Myths about working from home that probably nobody ever tell you.

Why you need to know about these? Get ready with what to expect will help you to make correct decision to work from home and be prepared for what’s ahead.


#1. Your house will be clean all the time 

No matter you are a freelancer, telecommuting, or starting your own small business from home, you are still working. Regardless it is 4 hours or 8 hours a day, your work has to be done during the day.

Instead of spending the time to clean your house, you will have to finish your daily project to-do list.

work from home myths

By the end of the day, you might not have the energy to finish all the house chores. The dishes that used during breakfast might still left in the sink till dinner time. The floor is not shining enough to be your mirror.

#2. You gain plenty of free time at home

baby-215303_1280Yes. Working from home save the hours stuck in the traffic, save the nonsense chit chatting with colleagues in the pantry, meeting and etc.

But don’t forget you will still start work late (after sent your child to school) and end earlier as soon as they get back home from school.

Otherwise, if you have a baby,  he/she is your boss who determines how much time you can work.

Preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner also will take up most of your time. So being organised with the time/schedule is the key to success.

work from home malaysia
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#3. Work from home is easy

Ha.. How nice because no boss or superior is telling you what and how to do at what time.  Nobody will restrict your online activity.

So you have to make sure not to spend the first few hours of the day checking other people’s life on facebook and grab the most value for money offer in online shopping.

You have got to be discipline, focus and self-motivated to get the work done.


#4. You are at home so you are not working 

Be sure to tell your friends and family that you are actually working at home. Many people have the impression that if you are staying at home, you will have free time to help fetching their kids or ask a favor from you during the day.

Educate them and learn not to volunteer or helping friends in need while you are working.

#5. You no need childcare or helper


Perhaps the pulling factor for you to work from home is you get to spend more time with your child and save on childcare cost.

But depends on what you are doing to make a living from home, there might be occasion that you will need childcare or helper in order to focus and get your work done.

Imagine will you bring your child to office and expect to get the work done as needed?

So before you let go your full time babysitter, it’s good to have a back up childcare plan or even just get your friends or family to help you few hours a day or a week in exchange of quiet time for your work.

Notwithstanding all the myths about working from home, most work from home mums will still telling you that it is doable and rewarding. Practice makes perfect!

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