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Retirement plan- some food for thought

Talking about retirement plan, as most of us are aware…

We have to work out the budget and expenses required during retirement. Thus it’s necessary to consider your desired lifestyle after retired.

For instance, you may wish to…

> own a cozy house with garden for gardening;

> travel the world with your partners;

> carry out your hobby,

> exercise; or

> do something that you do not have the chance to experience while working.

How much do you require to have that kind of lifestyle? How much retirement fund you will have by that time?

The difference or shortfall is the fund that you need to make up, maybe with capital gain or investment.

Other than that, you need to think about unforeseen circumstances, emergency or disease that might eat up your retirement fund. That’s the reason why well prepared is vital for your comfortable retirement life.

Knowing that, some food for thought…

Is your saving or retirement plan and earning sufficient to fulfill your financial goal?

If not, it’s time now to look for a sustainable, viable and legit investment plan to grow your existing saving and reach your financial goal for retirement.

Many people said: Should save money to enjoy during retirement.

The problem is you are ageing when retire, and probably your health is not allowing you to travel as you wish to.

Other than that, the saving for retirement fund might turn into education fund due to inflation, capital for your kids for business or even wedding fund. How much will be left by that time?

Hence, treat yourself well while you can afford to, at the same time plan well for retirement. Ageing and deteriorating health are the main factors that you might not able to carry out activities that you wish to.

A valuable advice that I’d encounter if you agree … educate our children to be independent after graduated. Educate them to find their way out for further studies, source for business capital and even wedding fund instead of relying on you.

The main point is live for ourselves also instead of purely live to support our children.

Poverty mindset that hinders you to succeed in work from home journey

Are you thinking of starting your home business?

Looking around and searching for the perfect business that won’t fail?

Maybe you had your best ideas in mind, maybe someone had shared with you a business opportunity that you think not too bad, but you hesitate to take action.

Poverty mindset that hinder you to succeed in work from home journey

Have you ever heard what Jack Ma, Alibaba group’s founder had said about entrepreneurs to-be that have poverty mindset?

poverty mindset
Image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Ma

The worst people to serve are the Poor people.

Give them free, they think it’s a trap.

Tell them it’s a small investment, they’ll say can’t earn much.

Tell them to come in big, they’ll say no money.

Tell them try new things, they’ll say no experience.

Tell them it’s traditional business, they’ll say hard to do.

Tell them it’s a new business model, they’ll say it’s Multi Level Marketing.

Tell them to run a shop, they’ll say no freedom.

Tell them run new business, they’ll say no expertise.

They do have some things in common:

They love to ask google, listen to friends who are as hopeless as them,

they think more than an university professor and do less than a blind man.

Just ask them, what can they do. They won’t be able to answer you.

My conclusion: Instead of your heart beats faster, why not you just act faster a bit;

instead of just thinking about it, why not do something about it.

Poor people fail because of one common behavior: Their Whole Life is About Waiting.”


Some times you just have to trust your gut feeling and act on it, after done your due research.

The bottom line is what’s the bad thing that will happen to you if you do something about your dream? Will you bankrupt?

Why not think about it positively? What if you succeed?

This is one of the words I’d heard and inspired me, instead of perfecting the ideas and looking at others, why not just act fast grab the opportunity given to me.

It proves that I can make it. So, I’m working towards helping more people to take action in achieving their dream.

Still hesitating…? Work with me. I will be your support and accountable partner.

Best home business for mum

Best home business for mum

What’s the best home business for mum, busy mum like you and me, and why?

Continue from Part 1, which I talked about NST featured work at home mum

Part 2

what's the best home business for mum


What do I do? and why?

Since I’d many ideas of running online and offline home business, many are wondering what do I do then.

Why I choose the particular home business out of the many suggestions in my Work At Home Mum Ebook?

Well… over the years, I’d tried and surveyed many work from home niche, online and offline.

The reason I work on my freelance job (Quantity Survey) is because it brings decent active income and it’s my passion.

However, no matter how flexible working hour I have, I’m trading time for money. If lazy, then I have no income.

Silly? Everyone works for a living, of course will not get paid if not working, I believe you will think that.

Doing online business? Sounds a dream job for many. I’d even acquired some basic skills on it.

Do you know online business still have to do delivery, keep stock, update quantity and etc, regardless you are producing your own products or obtain stocks from the supplier?

Everything is just like a conventional business, except you save the rental and utilities for brick and mortar shop.

So, what do I looking for?

Passive income

Have you heard about passive income?

I didn’t care about it until I seriously look for a long term home business without headache on logistic, stocks, competition, viability of the products I invested and many more.

best home business for mum for passive income

Everyone said I silly because keep looking for the best home business for mum like you and me, which is…

  1. Low cost low risk
  2. Can operate from home (renting a shop or office will cost a bomb)
  3. No need to produce product or keep stock (that require huge capital and it might burnt if no demand)
  4. No need to deliver or running post office (enough hectic for mum to transport kids)
  5. Less competition, and the best if we are pioneer in the line.
  6. Good profit margin
  7. With repeat customers

> The profit margin is so important for busy mum. Simple calculation, with the same effort and time spent, you prefer to sell a toy with $10 profit or a stroller with $100 profit at similar marketing cost?

> How about repeat sales ? Will the customers come back over and over again to enable you earning from them?

> What about one time initial effort but enable you to earn monthly without the need to service the customer?

Sounds impossible but I found it!

What it is?

You know digital product?

E.g. Ebook, video course, membership website, most of which making the initial effort to fabricate it then you are set to sell it for decade, through your laptop or smartphone.

My Ebook transaction was setting on automation mode online. Means I will get paid if someone decided to buy it even though I was sleeping, because the system will take care of it.

best home business for mum

The problem is… when and how do we, ordinary busy mums have the time and capable of creating many digital products, not to mention the valuable content, skills and experiences required.

Here comes the best home business for mum

Imagine if you have a membership website with valuable product, which peoples will purchase from you and pay you monthly fee to gain access.

The monthly fee is repeat sales profit that generated effortlessly, i.e. passive income.

What do you do if you don’t have the capacity to create the entire system and profitable content sought after by people?

Affiliate with someone who owns it and will guide you to market it!

Why it’s best home business for mum?

Simply because you don’t have to carry along physical products for marketing, your inventory is in your phone or laptop.

Shipping, customer database and payment are all handled online, electronically.

You have the choice to do it in high tech way using App only, or high touch way by meeting people to showcase your awesome website in smartphone, all at your own pace from the comfort of your home or anywhere you like.

What if you are also allowed to build your own affiliate or sales team and get paid weekly from their work?


I assure you I’d found the best home business that fulfills all the criteria mentioned above…!

Cost? It’s so affordable that I’d rather pay for it than cracking my head to create the entire system myself.

Don’t like to sell? Every business including an employee is all about selling. It’s just your decision to sell your resume sell your service and time to your evil employer for a fix income..

Or work for yourself selling your own website for passive income. Hehe… I opt for second option.

I’m a mom of two, a freelancer, a daughter to ageing parent cum diabetes patient, and home business owner. If I can do it, why can’t you?

Wanna work with me?

Get in touch with me if you really want to know if it suit you and how I can help you to do the same, i.e. working from home. 🙂

~ May


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Work at home mum in the newspaper !

Work at home mum in the newspaper !

Work at home mum ‘s Mother’s Day 2017 !

Once in every year, mums will become the focus in every corner of the world and in the news, that’s Mother’s Day!

This year, News Straits Time (NST) is doing a feature on mums who gave up their career by choice for the little ones, but are also working from home, i.e. work at home mum. I was honored to be one of the ‘stars’.

It was such a lovely news this Mother’s Day. Thanks NST and the journalist, Audrey (a lovely mommy journalist) for the article.

Why work from home?

The journey of being a work at home mum started 3,4 years ago. While working full time as a commercial manager, I was lucky to be able to leave office 6pm sharp everyday. However, I was restricted by Mrs. Boss to take leave as I wish to.

Hence, I had a dream, dream that I could have flexible time for my children and ageing parents while being able to earn a living from home.

That’s the dream of most mums, isn’t?

You may be disappointed if you fail. But you are doomed if you don’t try. ~ Beverly Sills

The quote shared by a friends after knowing my dream changed my life. I was so daring to make the decision – quit my full time job after received the message, but of course with my Plan B. Lol…

Start from zero to becoming a work at home mum

Many ideas to earn from home with my skills flow into my mind after decided to be a work at home mum. And I even explored many new fields, new skills and jobs that suit busy mums like me.

Developed my own website, started a work at home mum facebook support group that grows to a thousand plus members now, helping and mingled with like minded mums. Well… just realized I’d done so much from zero while writing these. Huhuuu…

work at home mum malaysia
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The best is…. the support group and my humble two cents on working from home was featured in another article by NST. Check out the full online article here…. 😉

Don’t forget about my Work At Home Mum Ebook, that had inspired many mums succeeded in their online and home business. So proud of it with many many positive testimonials now. Hehe…

work from home malaysia

work at home mum

What to do at home after quit full time job?

I actually worked at part time basis in the office with reducing pay and benefit for a year. By the way, that’s a good idea for transition, and I strongly suggest you opt for it if you can.

After a year, I finally quit and started my Quantity Surveying freelance work (check out how I made it with no client base at all here ;), and built up my own home business.

Yes, two careers that allow me to earn at my own pace and I enjoy it very much.

I shared a lot of home and online business ideas that can earn from home for busy mum. Many were asking what do I do then and why I choose it out of the many ideas I’d shared.

What’s my home business and why I fell in love with it? Check out Part 2…. 😉


Are you a mum who wish to work from home ? Feel free to reach out to me if you need my humble opinion or even work with me. 🙂