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I'm An Online Entrepreneur That Cares About You And Helps You To Create Work Freedom To Travel The World With Your Loved Ones


How To Transition From Full Time Work To Flexible Part Time & Create Home Business with Active & Passive Income

How did I do it? ? What’s the best tip for the transition then work for yourself?

What’s the home business that helps me generate active and passive income by starting part time

If you desire to start a new venture or second income but don’t know where to start, you've come to the right place.

Won't it be great if you could put yourself on a career path that allows you to travel the world while keeping a steady income?

All these questions are answered on my blog. Here I cover my proven strategies, tools, and tips to help you start your part time jobs while working full time, find the right home business and work for yourself.

My goal is building an ethical business fueled by Active & Passive income. Create memories with beloved family by traveling.

Let’s see what works.

My Story

> Flexible work

Everything changed for me after my children were born. I quit from my managerial position to be freelancer for time flexibility.

I’m a QS by profession, a Building Cost Consultant. Sure, I love my profession but I realized multiple streams of passive income is more important. 

Few years ago, I compiled my experiences and knowledge I had learnt about working from home into an Ebook with the passion of sharing. It thrills me as it helped many readers kick started and succeeded in their online and home business.

Selling information product generated some passive income for me. But i constantly looking for something that I love and fulfill all of my criteria to create a steady stream of passive income in order to spend more time with my family, i.e.....

A home business that take advantage of system of automation. In other words, minimize trade time for money.

> Home business that allows you to travel see the world 

Sounds silly but the moment I was offered the business opportunity to be Founding Member, helping a New US Based Technology Company expand their market in Asia, my eyes blink and decided to dive into it with my full effort.

Wouldn't it great when there's a better way to get paid, work at your own pace with the Innovative Technologies in the world's LARGEST industry while traveling the world for FREE?

With the complete system, tools, website, app and training in place, now that I can help you and be your support in developing your home business even you have no specific skills and experience.

Life should not being about building someone else dreams by working 40 hours a week for 40 years then retire on 40% of your income, fight for your own dream instead.
> What's Your Dream?

After taking care of my diabetic father for 10+ years, I am knowledgeable in diabetic related disease and my dream is to help the patient and their family.

What is your dream after achieving time and financial freedom? Think about what you can do and how you can achieve it…?

Millions of people worldwide desperate for time and financial freedom but they hesitate to take action.

> Your Source Of Inspiration, Support & Friend

The purpose of my humble blog is to be your source of inspiration if you are looking to work for yourself with both active and passive income. I’m here for you as both a support and as a friend. If you are ready, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Being a QS, calculator is my best friend. Rest assured that I had counted the return on investment for myself and for everyone whom I am going to help. If I can do it, you too can.

Let’s start your entrepreneurial journey.

Hodo home business partner

Sharing Economic Partner

If you are an online entrepreneur or newbie, professional, business owner, retiree, student, stay at home parent, frequent traveler, investor or another hardworking but under-appreciated employee looking for second income or Proven Home Business Model, we have the complete tools, system and training that you need instead of struggling alone.

As Team Asia Co-founder with strong founders network, I have team support to help you succeed by starting Part Time!

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side business ideas

Essential Guide : How To Start Part-Time Side Business For Supplemental Income

The Ebook designed for anyone who wish to supplement your income or start your side business the right way. (It's an edition from my WAHM Ebook)

It includes effective strategies and 20 Legitimate Part Time Jobs Side Business Ideas you can start on your own today. 

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Legitimate home business ideas

How To Earn Extra Money At Home For Mom : The Essential Guide 

My Ebook : How To Earn Extra Money At Home For Mom contains proven Tips and Legitimate Ideas for you to kick start your online or home business.

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