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Are your online business ideas viable?

In this internet era, running an online business is the dream of many people for second income or even a career to replace full time job. Are you envying of those who own an online business, those who sell well in Facebook, blog or even owning a website?online business ideasYou might have hundreds or thousands of ideas to build your online business empire. Before investing your time, money and effort in promoting a product or service, have you done any research or survey to ensure your idea is viable in demand? Nobody wants to invest the money to buy and keep stocks only realize the product is not in demand. So how do you verify whether your online business idea is viable and the product is profitable?

#1. Ask the opinion of family and friends

When you have a great idea to sell online, the first thing you might do is asking your friends and family hoping they will be equally excited as you. Due to the excitement, most probably you will ask “my idea best?” or “is my idea okay?” In order not to demoralize your excitement, most of the time they will answer “okay” “best”. Not until you implement your plan only realize your idea is “not okay”.

A better way to get a genuine yet helpful answer from your beloved friends and family is asking for opinion instead of consent. For instance, you could ask “what do you think about my idea” or “which part do you think can be improved”.

#2. Verify online

Verify your ‘online business’ online. Interesting? It’s easy. Simply click into any related forum and the thread with many comments is the sign that particular product is in demand. Same as the Facebook, Instagram and other social media which you are using daily, is there any post which people are asking for solution of the problem faced. That could be your next product/service.

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Hope your ideas fly high with you after implementing the above tips 🙂

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