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Introvert Entrepreneur: Can You Succeed In Business If You Are Introvert Don’t Like To Sell?

Introvert Entrepreneur: Can You Succeed In Business If You Are Introvert Don’t Like To Sell?
Are you an introvert who dream of owning a successful small business, but have no confidence to begin, because you are shy to reach out to people.
Possible to make it? The answer is YES.
Few days ago, a topic shared by my mentor resonated with me, an introvert, thus it grabbed my attention.
He assured us that introverts do have advantages in doing any business. This is a precious encouragement especially for those introverts that need  affirmation.
Knowing your own strength will increase your confidence level and you have a better chance to succeed.
Here are some take away from his sharing:
1. Observe, Think, Analyze, Plan, Strategize
introvert entrepreneur
Introvert tend to hide quietly in the corner of the room during any occasion and gathering.
They like to observe things and people surrounding them rather than mingle with strangers, they think and plan more because they have plenty of time to be alone.
As a result, introvert analyze their observation well and always come out with wow strategy that impress others.

2. Listener

Instead of talking, introvert prefer to listen more.
They have patience to listen to clients, understand their pain and manage interaction effectively.
If you ask most people, they will say asking the right question and straight to the point answer is always better than redundant sales talk to convince them.
You see.. a listener is as good as, if not better, than talking to increase sales and generate leads in any business.

3. A Quality Networker

introvert entrepreneur

Am I kidding? You don’t like to talk, then how to be a good networker?
Yes, social interaction and large networking event may not be your cup of tea, as you prefer to stay in smaller group, but your network must be quality people to connect with.
“There’s a myth that networking is all about cold-calling people and walking up to strangers at parties.
 Often the best connections are made through mutual acquaintances. Shy people tend to feel most comfortable networking with the people they know, and then ask those people for referrals to others. That’s a good strategy for anyone.”
If an introvert and a sales person approach you for a business talk, who you will pay attention to?
Won’t you think that there must be something valuable and worthy that make him talk and share with you ? 
A friend of mine who’s an introvert has been a successful network marketer due to this reason !

Successful Introvert Entrepreneur

If you are not convince, take a look at some of the most successful business owners who are introverts, in history – Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, Warranty Buffet.
I am kind of an introvert also, here are my thoughts if you want to succeed in business.
1. Introvert likes to help people, don’t you?
Yes, you are shy to talk to stranger, sell to your friends and family. Nevertheless, why don’t you think about this way:
If someone walks in front of you drop their thing, you will pick it up, say hi, you drop your thing while returning to the owner. You are not shy to talk because you are helping him.
To start a business, you use your best endeavor to source quality product, something that definitely benefit your customers and prospects.
In actual fact, you are helping people, not stealing or robbing. What’s the point to be shy instead of proud?
2. You are now in the best position and time to begin your business.
You can now connect with million of people in a high tech way as long you are not lazy to learn, to write and type. Good deal ?
I hope this write up can motivate and inspire you to begin realizing your entrepreneur dream.
You will shine in your field with great achievement if you believe your weakness is actually your strength and make use of it.

I like the words by an author in :


Know your own strengths and weaknesses, and adapt or make up for them accordingly; with this approach, you’ll be successful no matter how you started out.

Are you an introvert? Have you started your entrepreneurial journey?
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To your success



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How To Generate Leads And Increase Sales Effortlessly Without Pushy Sales Message

How To Generate Leads And Increase Sales Effortlessly Without Pushy Sales Message

Generate leads and increasing sales in any business and marketing, without obvious selling sounds weird and impossible to many people

In fact, no one enjoy being pressured and pushed into making a purchase.

If that’s the case, so how do you generate leads, and persuade your customer into buying your products or services, or even join your company if  you are doing network marketing?

In this article, I’ll show you how to generate quality leads opt in by willing prospects and increase sales purchased by willing customers. It can be used in any online or offline business, regardless of what industry you are in.


1. Generate Leads and Increase Sales With Compelling Sales Message 

Sales message is a persuasive message that persuade your customers to close sales or generate leads by convincing your prospects to opt into the business you are doing.

how to generate leads

a) Selling a product or service for your offline or online business

Let’s make some comparison. Of the following, which sales message would you prefer?

“New Year Sales!!! Promotion!!! Grab the high quality cheap handmade soap now!”


“Learn how to improve your skin to become soft like a baby with natural handmade soap at affordable price.”

If you are like most people, you will choose ad number 2 because it attracts you instead of pushing you into making purchase.

In a short sentence, the second ads includes:

  • Feature of the product – natural handmade soap
  • Benefit – improve skin
  • End result – soft like a baby
  • Indicative Price – affordable

Contrary to the second ad, the first ad push you into buying their ‘high quality’ product NOW. By the way, beware of using punctuation mark (!) as well, as most people feel pushy with many exclamation marks.

High quality is very subjective, you as a seller definitely feel your products or services are high quality, but this might not be the case from the perspective of the buyer.

In actual fact, quality is a must-have criteria in any product or service, thus it’s no longer a selling point.

Can you see the difference of both ads in terms of pulling customers to take action themselves willingly, by educating them the benefit of your product versus pushing the customers into making purchase now as instructed because cheap?

b) Generate leads for your network marketing business

How about this, if you are doing network marketing, and looking for business partner to join your company?

“Join our company today! Guarantee make 10k per month!”


“Start your home business with step by step guide even you have no experience today.”

You see…. “Join our company” is a redundant word, because they know you want them to join you the moment you advertise or talk to them.

And hello… every company has an opportunity to make you become a millionaire, so what make you guarantee them to earn big bucks? Without any effort?

Would the second ad sounds more practical and attractive? Why, because you assure them that they can start a home business even without experience, because there’s step by step guide.

2. Giving Before Receiving

Giving before receiving? Probably you might start worrying, hey, crazy? We are doing business, won’t we lose if giving so much things to the customers, and yet they are not buying from us?!

Consumers now are smart, they can get quality information online with regardless to anything under the sky.

Doing business in this technology era now is all about giving high perceived value to the prospects before they are committing to come out with the money.

I give you two examples that I’d came across in effectively generating leads and increasing sales by giving value to the customers.

a) Ikea 

Ikea, is a Swedish multinational furniture retailer company that design and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances and home accessories.

Every year, they will have a new catalog showcasing their inventories and teach the public how to mix and match the furniture.

how to increase sales like ikea

Every few months, I will receive their Free magazine with plenty of ideas ranging from :

  • Space planning
  • Children play time ideas
  • Kitchen and garden ideas
  • Color Match
  • Type of eco friendly materials
  • Recipe
  • And many more

It’s all free, so what do they earn? Well, if you like the ideas provided and want to have the same effective space planning, same efficient kitchen appliances, same color, same garden, same delicious food, you can buy everything from their store. 

You got the idea ?

Still not convince? Here’s another example of local entrepreneur that impressed me.

2. Sewing World

pull marketingLast month, I brought my daughter to a sewing workshop to redeem a voucher distributed in her school by the shop, where they will teach you, for free, on how to sew a tuition bag with the materials you bought.

Then I got to know that there are other short courses for adult too. Out of passion, I signed up a few days course learn to sew a few ‘upcycle’ bag with my unfit jeans.

Along the days while I am learning, the teacher there will teach my boring daughter few simple sewing techniques, without extra charge.

After mastered the simple techniques, she became interested in sewing, so how? I subscribed her as junior sewing club member to learn more.

You see… without receiving the value to appreciate handmade, we will not sign up anything.

What Should You Do Now?

If you have a business with great product and service, deliver the value to your customers before persuading them into making the purchase.

If you want to generate leads for your network marketing business or subscription platform, teach them, educate them that you are a valuable partner before making them commit to the subscription.

Did the tips help you? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you leave your comment and share on Facebook. 


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To your success



Get Paid To Travel: Why I Choose To Be Home Based Travel Entrepreneur

Get Paid To Travel: Why I Choose To Be Home Based Travel Entrepreneur

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life ~ Confucius

Finding a job you love is age-old advice.

Get paid to travel, perhaps this is one of the job most people simply love, what if I tell you it’s not a fantasy anymore?

If you want to start your own small business and have the desire to see the world, consider the opportunity in travel industry.

I’m not saying that you should be a tour guide or open up a travel agency, which needs training, certificate and courses.

There’s a lot of disruption in travel industry. Nowadays, many travelers are inclined to do research online and book travel themselves instead of booking a trip through a brick and mortar travel agency.

In USA, internet travel sites are hiring more people to market their travel-related products online and providing many opportunities for travel entrepreneurs to run their home based business.

And the wave of disruption has came to Malaysia! The first internet travel site that providing such opportunity in Malaysia is Tripspin by Hodo Global.

Here are Top 9 reasons why I grabbed the opportunity once it was landed in Malaysia.

1. Get Paid To Travel

The top reason to put your love of travel to work.

Most people love to travel, but can’t afford it or have to wait for the annual leave be approved at the mercy of kind-hearted boss before departing for dream vacation.

Being an affiliate of Hodo Global, owning a travel booking website, Tripspin, travel become my career.

A career with the opportunity to earn money from the comfort of my home while helping others to enjoy visiting new places, save money, make money and even travel for free! And my hard work get paid to Travel for Free as well. It’s not unbelievable.

2. Home Based

Thanks to the internet, the technology disruption has enable everyone to market all the travel-related product provided from the comfort of our home, via a laptop, tablet or smartphone only.

In fact, I can do it online or offline at my preference, and I can do it part time on my own pace.

3. Suitable For Introvert Without Marketing Experience

I don’t know about you, I myself have no sales experience and professional marketing skill.

No prejudice to other niche, I’m shy to sell physical health and beauty product, I’m shy to share my ‘before and after’ product testimonial. But I can excitedly imagine myself sharing amazing places with friends and family when gathering.

It’s so easy to create curiosity and awareness about my travel business by just saying:

”Hey, where did you go last holiday? I have a new travel booking website with amazing deals that will save your money, will you want to try it!”

4. Make Memories With Your Beloved Family

Lots of people say :

“Take vacation! Go as many places as you can with your loved ones.

You can always make money; you can’t always make memories.”

My 3 years old and 7 years old children just love hotel, they can recall every memory of the hotel stay, which hotel has the best food, best kid’s area and best swimming pool.

With Free Travel privilege and passive income generated from the home business, vacation becomes very affordable!

That’s the vision and mission of Hodo TripSpin indeed, make traveling affordable for every family!

5. Travel Is The World’s Largest Industry

The travel industry has touched $8 trillion in 2015, it’s huge!

Maybe some people might tell you the the global economy is unstable and deterring travelers from going vacation. The truth of the matter is global travel is well on it’s way to rising to almost $12 trillion a decade from now, according to World Travel & Tourism Council.

When economic is good, people travel abroad; when economy is not good, people travel locally. Don’t you see your facebook friends were sharing their trips every now and then especially during year end holiday?

People are still flying, people are still booking hotels and renting cars, so we get paid through the process.

6. Worldwide Business Operated From Home

It’s online booking without physical product, I just need to market my personalized link with anyone in the world to earn money and free travel. Who’s that?

  • Frequent traveler
  • Honeymooners
  • Family
  • Single
  • Student
  • Retired people
  • Business travelers
  • People who want to customise trips

They compare the deals with other booking website, for instance Agoda,, and etc themselves.

Most of the times TripSpin are cheaper. They book the trip themselves even when I ‘m sleeping at night, and I get paid for free travel, easy as that.

7. Legacy of Profitable Evergreen Home Business

Travel is evergreen activity that peoples do everyday. The business operates without my presence after established customers and network base, it’s a kind of residual income.

That will be a valuable legacy for next generation, which I’d never think before as an employee.

8. Meet Amazing People

This is referral marketing, as much as we embrace high tech, we also embrace high touch.

When you share the business opportunity and amazing deals in the awesome booking website, you will meet amazing people across socio economic line.

team asia hodo global

I have been to different places and meet different people from all walk of life. That’s including high social status people, businessmen from different niche, professional, and stay at home parents.

It’s a life lesson that probably you could not learn from school and organization.

9. Affordable

How much you need to begin a decent global business? I mean a business that earns USD with worldwide customers.

An ordinary people like me could not own a booking engine forever, a mini Agoda travel website to do the business. But now with the cost of a smartphone, I own the license and the travel booking website to earn the commission and free travel.

The Only Way To Do Great Work Is Love What You Do ~ Steve Job

I’m in doubt of the quote until I find TripSpin, where i get paid to travel the world, a steady stream of passive income.

I can’t help not to share the opportunity with everyone who loves to travel, who wish to start a side business or part time to supplement your full-time income.

If do it right, you can even quit your day job, get paid to travel the world with your loved ones while you are still young.

Check out Here or contact me if you wish to know more and I will help you along your Entrepreneurial journey.


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Success = (d+g+a)i2

What is the success formula in business, be it online business, networking, or self-employ?

Have you ever felt that you have spent long time and your whole life working on your business but yet with little or no result ?

Yes. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Other than time, have you done it the right way?

I just learnt the formula to succeed regardless you are an online business entrepreneur, net-worker or self employ business owner.


S= (d+g+a)i2

What’s that ?

”Success = add together a burning desire + written goal + consistent activity then multiply the mixture with self improvement square.”

Why square? The book you read, the CD you listen, the seminar or training you attended, the knowledge you gain creates powerful synergistic effect over time.

Do you have burning desire to change and improve in your life for success? Have you set up your goal ? Do you have mentor and motivation to keep going consistently? Are you consistently improve yourself? That leads to your success or failure.

#If you have tried everything and still finding the right direction to change your life,  HERE we are to help you setting your goal, create the right activity driven plan and motivation to keep going until achieving all that you desire instead of struggling alone. 

Are your online business ideas viable?

In this internet era, running an online business is the dream of many people for second income or even a career to replace full time job. Are you envying of those who own an online business, those who sell well in Facebook, blog or even owning a website?online business ideasYou might have hundreds or thousands of ideas to build your online business empire. Before investing your time, money and effort in promoting a product or service, have you done any research or survey to ensure your idea is viable in demand? Nobody wants to invest the money to buy and keep stocks only realize the product is not in demand. So how do you verify whether your online business idea is viable and the product is profitable?

#1. Ask the opinion of family and friends

When you have a great idea to sell online, the first thing you might do is asking your friends and family hoping they will be equally excited as you. Due to the excitement, most probably you will ask “my idea best?” or “is my idea okay?” In order not to demoralize your excitement, most of the time they will answer “okay” “best”. Not until you implement your plan only realize your idea is “not okay”.

A better way to get a genuine yet helpful answer from your beloved friends and family is asking for opinion instead of consent. For instance, you could ask “what do you think about my idea” or “which part do you think can be improved”.

#2. Verify online

Verify your ‘online business’ online. Interesting? It’s easy. Simply click into any related forum and the thread with many comments is the sign that particular product is in demand. Same as the Facebook, Instagram and other social media which you are using daily, is there any post which people are asking for solution of the problem faced. That could be your next product/service.

(My Ebook was produced after seeing many mums looking for ideas and suggestion to work from home 🙂

Hope your ideas fly high with you after implementing the above tips 🙂

“Still no idea? Click Here to get the evergreen high demand product with complete system and tools for you to kick start your online business.”

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