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Poverty mindset that hinders you to succeed in work from home journey

Are you thinking of starting your home business?

Looking around and searching for the perfect business that won’t fail?

Maybe you had your best ideas in mind, maybe someone had shared with you a business opportunity that you think not too bad, but you hesitate to take action.

Poverty mindset that hinder you to succeed in work from home journey

Have you ever heard what Jack Ma, Alibaba group’s founder had said about entrepreneurs to-be that have poverty mindset?

poverty mindset
Image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Ma

The worst people to serve are the Poor people.

Give them free, they think it’s a trap.

Tell them it’s a small investment, they’ll say can’t earn much.

Tell them to come in big, they’ll say no money.

Tell them try new things, they’ll say no experience.

Tell them it’s traditional business, they’ll say hard to do.

Tell them it’s a new business model, they’ll say it’s Multi Level Marketing.

Tell them to run a shop, they’ll say no freedom.

Tell them run new business, they’ll say no expertise.

They do have some things in common:

They love to ask google, listen to friends who are as hopeless as them,

they think more than an university professor and do less than a blind man.

Just ask them, what can they do. They won’t be able to answer you.

My conclusion: Instead of your heart beats faster, why not you just act faster a bit;

instead of just thinking about it, why not do something about it.

Poor people fail because of one common behavior: Their Whole Life is About Waiting.”


Some times you just have to trust your gut feeling and act on it, after done your due research.

The bottom line is what’s the bad thing that will happen to you if you do something about your dream? Will you bankrupt?

Why not think about it positively? What if you succeed?

This is one of the words I’d heard and inspired me, instead of perfecting the ideas and looking at others, why not just act fast grab the opportunity given to me.

It proves that I can make it. So, I’m working towards helping more people to take action in achieving their dream.

Still hesitating…? Work with me. I will be your support and accountable partner.

‘Big Why’ Impact On Your Success That You Shouldn’t Ignore

‘Big Why’ Impact On Your Success That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Big Why is important in Entrepreneurship, here’s why….

Being an Entrepreneur is not easy, you see. If you are an Entrepreneur or Entrepreneur to-be, how many times were you thinking of giving up your dream?

Yes, you may have been taken the step to get out of your comfort zone, embarked on entrepreneurial journey, work for yourself.

Nevertheless, there’s no highway towards your success, if you have read countless of success stories, successful entrepreneur went through bushes, forest, desert and bleed before reaching their goal.

In fact, the difference between success and failure is Persistence. What makes the real entrepreneurs persist in their dream ? —- Their belief system and their ‘Big Why’ that are huge enough in overcoming every barrier that get in their way!

What’s your reason that make you diving into entrepreneurship in the first place? What makes you thinking of stepping out of your comfort zone or 9-5 job?

I have read that the statistic shows that peoples who are drawn to change their life (pull factor) rather than forced into this option (push factor) due to certain circumstances are more likely to succeed in their entrepreneurship.

If you are determining to be a successful a Entrepreneur, find out your ‘BIG WHY’.

Write down your reasons, it could be due to financial freedom, passive income, time flexibility, your children, your parent, you want to get out of rat race or even due to the fear of your evil boss or colleagues.

Don’t write down one reason only but think of at least Ten to Twenty reasons that pull you into entrepreneurship.

Would you agree with me that, human beings are lazy generally, and easily give up their dream without sufficient attractive reward? So, write down minimum 10 rewards that you could think of!

By then, you know your effort is going to worth it and very rewarding. Keep the note as your reminder.

Inevitably, you will face numerous barriers down the road, revisit your note whenever you are going to give up.

With the driving force and strong will, you will find a way to make it happen, because the rewards that you could think of will overcome your fear and motivate you to go further!

If you fail, change your plan or method, not your goal

A more effective way to keep going is giving a copy of your ‘ Big Why ‘ to someone you trust, it could be your mentor, your spouse or your best friend, who will undoubtedly happy to lift your spirit when you are having tough time.

big why 1

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To your success


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Introvert Entrepreneur: Can You Succeed In Business If You Are Introvert Don’t Like To Sell?

Introvert Entrepreneur: Can You Succeed In Business If You Are Introvert Don’t Like To Sell?
Are you an introvert who dream of owning a successful small business, but have no confidence to begin, because you are shy to reach out to people.
Possible to make it? The answer is YES.
Few days ago, a topic shared by my mentor resonated with me, an introvert, thus it grabbed my attention.
He assured us that introverts do have advantages in doing any business. This is a precious encouragement especially for those introverts that need  affirmation.
Knowing your own strength will increase your confidence level and you have a better chance to succeed.
Here are some take away from his sharing:
1. Observe, Think, Analyze, Plan, Strategize
introvert entrepreneur
Introvert tend to hide quietly in the corner of the room during any occasion and gathering.
They like to observe things and people surrounding them rather than mingle with strangers, they think and plan more because they have plenty of time to be alone.
As a result, introvert analyze their observation well and always come out with wow strategy that impress others.

2. Listener

Instead of talking, introvert prefer to listen more.
They have patience to listen to clients, understand their pain and manage interaction effectively.
If you ask most people, they will say asking the right question and straight to the point answer is always better than redundant sales talk to convince them.
You see.. a listener is as good as, if not better, than talking to increase sales and generate leads in any business.

3. A Quality Networker

introvert entrepreneur

Am I kidding? You don’t like to talk, then how to be a good networker?
Yes, social interaction and large networking event may not be your cup of tea, as you prefer to stay in smaller group, but your network must be quality people to connect with.
“There’s a myth that networking is all about cold-calling people and walking up to strangers at parties.
 Often the best connections are made through mutual acquaintances. Shy people tend to feel most comfortable networking with the people they know, and then ask those people for referrals to others. That’s a good strategy for anyone.”
If an introvert and a sales person approach you for a business talk, who you will pay attention to?
Won’t you think that there must be something valuable and worthy that make him talk and share with you ? 
A friend of mine who’s an introvert has been a successful network marketer due to this reason !

Successful Introvert Entrepreneur

If you are not convince, take a look at some of the most successful business owners who are introverts, in history – Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, Warranty Buffet.
I am kind of an introvert also, here are my thoughts if you want to succeed in business.
1. Introvert likes to help people, don’t you?
Yes, you are shy to talk to stranger, sell to your friends and family. Nevertheless, why don’t you think about this way:
If someone walks in front of you drop their thing, you will pick it up, say hi, you drop your thing while returning to the owner. You are not shy to talk because you are helping him.
To start a business, you use your best endeavor to source quality product, something that definitely benefit your customers and prospects.
In actual fact, you are helping people, not stealing or robbing. What’s the point to be shy instead of proud?
2. You are now in the best position and time to begin your business.
You can now connect with million of people in a high tech way as long you are not lazy to learn, to write and type. Good deal ?
I hope this write up can motivate and inspire you to begin realizing your entrepreneur dream.
You will shine in your field with great achievement if you believe your weakness is actually your strength and make use of it.

I like the words by an author in Entrepreneur.com :


Know your own strengths and weaknesses, and adapt or make up for them accordingly; with this approach, you’ll be successful no matter how you started out.

Are you an introvert? Have you started your entrepreneurial journey?
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To your success


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Goal 2017 – Make sure you achieve it

Have you set your goal for 2017 and how to achieve it?

Another 20 days mark the end of year 2016 and approaching year 2017. How is your year 2016?

Study reveals that only 2% of people set their goal and working towards achieving it. Those are the successful people whom you are envying of.

GOAL is something realistic and achievable. It has a time frame and measurable.

WISHes don’t require any energy or discipline, and any commitment; Goals do.

goal setting

WRITE it down

Yes, everyone owns a smartphone and can note down whatever they like including their new year resolution. However, if you take the effort to write down the goal with your pen, indirectly you are committed to it, and subconsciously you will find way and seize the opportunity to achieve it.

Goal - What; When; How

Write down now

What you want to achieve;

When you will achieve it; and

How to achieve it

Goal in different aspects

Do not confine it within one aspect only. You might want to achieve something in your financial aspect, but you can set goal for other aspects, be it in terms of your health, family, community, career and etc. Don't you agree that life balance constitute of not only one aspect?

Get started

If you had wasted your year 2016, get a pen and paper write down your goal today so that you have a focus to work towards it! Be among the 2% of the successful mindset. Without any focus and resolution to change, your life will remain the same.

My goal during 2016 is to affiliate with a perfect product that fulfill all my requirements so that I can just concentrate to market it online/offline to bring passive income and help others to do the same. Glad that I found it and met an awesome team that accountable for my success. My goal this year is to bring it to next level. Feel free to check it out Here and I will help you to set your goal. Wish you all the best in year 2017 🙂


Success = (d+g+a)i2

What is the success formula in business, be it online business, networking, or self-employ?

Have you ever felt that you have spent long time and your whole life working on your business but yet with little or no result ?

Yes. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Other than time, have you done it the right way?

I just learnt the formula to succeed regardless you are an online business entrepreneur, net-worker or self employ business owner.


S= (d+g+a)i2

What’s that ?

”Success = add together a burning desire + written goal + consistent activity then multiply the mixture with self improvement square.”

Why square? The book you read, the CD you listen, the seminar or training you attended, the knowledge you gain creates powerful synergistic effect over time.

Do you have burning desire to change and improve in your life for success? Have you set up your goal ? Do you have mentor and motivation to keep going consistently? Are you consistently improve yourself? That leads to your success or failure.

#If you have tried everything and still finding the right direction to change your life,  HERE we are to help you setting your goal, create the right activity driven plan and motivation to keep going until achieving all that you desire instead of struggling alone. 

The secret of Happiness is Financial Freedom, the secret of Financial Freedom is….

Everyone knew that Financial Freedom gives big impact to your life happiness. What is the path to financial freedom?

incomeIf there’s continuing income flow to you even though you are not working that’s Passive Income. Means, you are not trade your precious time for money and you only use minimum effort to maintain the lifestyle you want. 

What if you only have income if you are working, no one pay you if you stop work? That’s Active Income. It could be your salary, commission, or even income generated from your business. 

Financial Freedom doesn’t counts by how much saving you have or how much you earn monthly as quoted by Robert Kiyosaki. The real wealth is not count by the amount of money you have, it’s depends on how long you can survive if you stop work. 

If you can only survive 3 years after stop working, you are defined as financial freedom for 3 years only. If you stop work and never ever need to worry about money matter, that’s the real Financial Freedom. The freedom to do whatever you want. 

Hence, the condition precedent to Financial Freedom is Passive Income….!


Many people are willing to work hard for their lifetime to earn the Active Income and worry about their retirement life forever. There are other category of people who recognize the opportunity to work hard for the first few years and enjoy the Passive Income for years to come. Which category of people you are? Are you willing to change yourself for the sake of changing your life?

#Check out the home business opportunity where you get to earn both active and passive income. I am not saying that you no need to work . But you work hard for the first few years to enjoy the fruits of your hard work later. 🙂

The secret to financial freedom

“Financial Freedom, a big part of it is having your heart and mind free from worrying about the What-Ifs of life” ~ @LifeHacks Quotes

Becoming financial freedom is everyone’s dream. That is your goal or your wish?


Do you know the difference between a GOAL and a WISH? A GOAL is something realistic and achievable. A goal has a time frame and measurable.

goal setting

WISHes don’t require any energy or discipline; goals do. Wishes don’t need any commitment; goals do.

You may wish to have financial and time freedom, but in order to achieve that, you need to set a goal and time frame. Without any effort to turn your wish into a goal that you work to achieve, your wish will remain wish only.

“Making good money may take a lot of sacrifices, time commitment and effort from you especially at early stage.

By defining your goals and purpose early on, it will help you through the ups and downs and tough time until you enjoy with passion for whatever you are doing.”

Before you hop in and take up any opportunity for financial freedom, spend some time thinking about your goal. For instance:-

  • What do you want to achieve, eg. quit your job, set up a business etc
  • What kind of effort you need to achieve your goal
  • How to do, how realistic is your goal
  • How long do you need. What is your short term, medium term and long term goal


No matter what it is, be sure it is reasonable and make that as your long term GOAL…!

“The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage”. If you had the courage to pursue your dream, Click here to check out an opportunity for you with support from other like minded friends 🙂