Cheap Australia Visa Application Online - my complete guide

Cheap Australia Visa Application Online – my complete guide

Hey guys, are you going to Australia and wonder what’s the cheapest way to get the australia visa as tourist? In this post, I will show you how I got the application approval at cheap rate, and how to apply online yourself.

Don’t worry about the legitimacy of the approval, because I’m back from Australia with the visa 😉

After browsing online and called a few Travel agencies, most agents charge me RM50 per application.

The cheapest rate, i.e. RM26 only from iAdventure Escape won my heart. Of course at first I was skeptical also, because it is half of the prevailing market rate. Applying from the embassy even cost a minimum of AUD135. What if they chase me back to Malaysia upon arrival?! I will cry loud !! Since there are hundreds of positive reviews on it, so I decided to try my luck.

Here’s the fee charged by iAdventure Escape for different countries residents for the australia visa application.

australia visa application

Step by step Guide for Australia Visa Application Online

Now, here’s the guide to apply your australia visa as tourist. and it takes you a few minutes only to apply online.

  1. Get ready with your passport, email address and credit card or banking account, then go to .

cheap australia visa application

2. Click on Visa Application / Online Application and select your country, visa type i.e. tourist and the number of visitors application.

cheap australia visa

3. Review the information you had filled in, and remember to note down your Temporary Application ID for reference.

4. Edit the information if needed, or continue payment if the information are in order.

5. You can pay with credit card, online banking or cash deposit.

6. Taadaaa… You are done! And here’s the message you will receive.

cheap australia visa

What to do next

You can check the visa application status on the same website with your temporary application ID. They will email you the visa approval as well.

In fact, the ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) is electronically linked to your passport, so the email attachment just contains a few information such as your name, passport number, and entry status for your reference only.

If you are in doubt, you may go to their FAQ section for your questions of australia visa verification and why they are cheaper.

The ETA Visa is valid for 12 months, but if the validity of applicant’s passport is less than 12 months the expiry date of the passport will be considered. Many travel agents get me to apply last minutes, but my advice is to get it done 2,3 weeks in advance of traveling date, just in case anything crop up you still have time to go embassy to fix it.

I will share my itinerary and things to do in Perth in next few posts. so stay tune…!

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Don’t forget to share with your friends this awesome way to apply australia visa online, if they are going Australia too.

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