Perth Vacation - Why I feel guilty but yet excited....!

Perth Vacation – Feeling guilty and excited….!

perth vacation

Feeling guilty and excited…!


.. because promised mum to bring her to Australia since 2008, 9 years ago but couldn’t make it due to family matter & dad unwell. It wasn’t easy for us to make the time..

My dad has diabetes problem and undergo dialysis three times a week. We were so worry about his health and we want to make sure he’s healthy only start planning the trip, so the flight ticket was a last minute expensive deal from Air Asia.

Thank to all the family members who made the effort to take care of dad and my little princess in homeland to fulfill mum’s wish.

I had to plan the trip during school holiday so that elder brother can bring the whole family back to hometown to take care of dad, and hubby can go back with my little princess as well for decent home cook meal from mother-in-law.

Our Perth vacation is an effort of four families. Pheeew…!!


.. at last we make it in March 2017 !!! Our first ever mother-daughter Perth vacation !!! ??

First time see the grape tree. ha…

Sleeping, eating, and going tour together with mum…! I felt like I am a little girl to my mum again, it is an unforgettable memory for me !!

If you are planning to go trip with your family, your mum, your dad, your parents, don’t wait ok…


… because i saved a lot in hotel & tours with new booking website ! ?

At last an alternative to Agoxx,, Expexxx etc. Free registration to get discount, you should try it & register now !

Who said new booking website not user friendly ?! I said less user friendly website with greater savings is better than pay more for a user friendly website….! With it I can travel more! (I shared why it’s cheaper in this post)

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