Things to do in Perth & My Perth vacation - Travelodge Hotel at Perth CBD

Things to do in Perth – Travelodge Hotel at Perth CBD

At last have time to sit down and recall my sweet memories and exciting Perth vacation with mum…!

Perth Vacation – Our First Day…

Upon arriving Perth Airport, we hopped on Transperth bus to go our hotel in town. The bus fare was AUD4.60. I had to buy an expensive mineral water in the airport for small change, because the bus driver refused to take in big note. Sob…

By the way, you can plan the direction and time ahead using Transperth Journey Planner , a very convenient tools to help you plan your journey using bus, train and ferry. Just key in the landmark or address then you are set to go.

Trouble to take public transport? No worries, the bus driver will drop down the ramp for you to pull up your luggage, and there’s dedicated luggage track to put your luggage. The public transports there are very convenient ..!

Luggage track in the bus

The journey from Perth Airport to CBD took about 40 minutes. After hopped off the bus, our hotel was just 5 minutes away from the bus stop at St George Terrace.

travelodge perth

Travelodge Hotel Perth

I booked a room in 4 star hotel, Travelodge Hotel Perth so that mum could enjoy after tired traveling, and the hotel was just few minutes walking distance to the Center Business District with plenty of restaurants and shops.

It costs about RM1.5K /$341USD only for 4 nights with TripSpin Prestige member booking website, save me around RM900 if book from, a crazy savings for member!

Excited to stay in 4 star hotel with 3 star hotel rates…! Ha…

If you are comparing the hotel rates, check out TripSpin Snap booking website for public.

Register for Free with your email and create your own password, browse and book! You will get half of my savings without being a paid member.

Don’t be surprise if you found amazing deals for other hotels, car rental and tours in the said website too.

Perth Free CAT Bus

bus stop travelodge hotel perth
Bus stop with bus route and time table

There’s a bus stop, Victoria Avenue for the red CAT bus in front of the Travelodge Hotel.

Everyday we will travel by CAT bus in town. I love it because it’s Free, clean and on time !

CAT bus service finished at 7pm+. By the time settled down after checked in hotel, it was already 6pm. So the only thing we could do was hanging around the shops nearby hotel, hunting for dinner.

perth vacation

Surprisingly, there were many Japanese, Korean and Indian, Malay restaurant in town and open at night. At first I was still worrying starving after all shops closed early.

We took Japanese food in a shop nearby the hotel. The food in Australia serve in very big portion, compare to what was served by the restaurant in Malaysia. If you don’t have big appetite, a set of food in Australia will be enough to be shared by two person.

Okay… time to go bed early after dinner to prepare for next day’s adventure, Caversham Wildlife Park. We slept at 8pm+…! The night still young at KL for sure. Hehe…

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