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Online Travel Agency – How To Get Cheaper Travel Deals

Online Travel Agency – How To Get Cheaper Travel Deals

Who’s Online Travel Agency (OTA)? They are Agoda,,, Expedia,,, to name a few.

In this article, I’ll share with you how and where to get a much cheaper deals than those big guys.

First of all, do you ever spend a few nights browsing internet, just because want to save a few more bucks by comparing prices from various online booking websites?

No matter how you search from left to right, you hardly get a big chunk of saving, due to not much price differences between each websites?

Let’s go over 2 little-known facts of  the Online Booking Industry in order to get cheaper travel deals in the right place.

1. Virtual Monopoly of Online Travel Agency (OTA)

Most booking websites are most likely belong to two companies, i.e.

  1. Priceline Group, and
  2. Expedia Inc
Online Travel Agency
Images are the properties of the respective owners

Priceline Group owns,,, Kayak.

Online Travel Agency
Images are the properties of the respective owners

Expedia Inc owns, Travelocity,, Orbitz, Hotwire, Trivago, and even the new vacation-rental site HomeAway.

2. Parity Rates by Public Open Loop Accessible Online Travel Agency

rate parity by online travel agency


Expedia,,, Travelocity, Agoda, etc are categorized as PUBLIC Open Loop accessible Online Travel Agency (OTA’s). It means that you can browse the price in the website without any account with them or password.

Hence, they cannot give you a wholesale discount on hotels or travel, because every Online Travel Agency has to be equal to or greater than the PARITY rates – i.e. consistent rates for the same product.

Violate the parity rates equal to close up shop, because they will be dropped by all suppliers.

rate parity by online travel agency

If not them, where to get a better travel deals?

Travel is a commodity.

Meaning people do not care about the brand and anything but PRICE, if it’s the SAME Room, SAME Hotel, SAME Sand, and SAME Beach

The question is : where to find it since it was monopolized by two companies?

Perhaps the only way for consumers to receive a true discount is to get the travel deals through a Private Password Protected Close Loop Online Travel Agency.

Why..? Because anyone can access the prices of Public Open Loop Accessible Online Travel Agency (OTA). They have to adhere to Parity Rate, and hence the prices tend to fluctuate less.


By chance, I came across a new booking website, TripSpin. In order to browse the price, you have to register with email address and password. It’s free to create an account just like what you did with other website, but instead of do it during booking, you create your account beforehand. 

Thus, it falls into a ‘subscription’ category that allow it to gives the customers cheaper price, and you get the savings at no additional cost to you.

tripspin snap

TripSpin is a more comprehensive Online Travel Agency as the booking website is completed with not only hotel rooms, but also includes tours, and car rental.

Generally, higher rating or more expensive hotels in TripSpin Snap will have more savings compare to lower rating hotel, it’s not surprising as the cheap hotel has very thin profit margin.

What matter most is, regardless more or less saving, the overall prices is 7 to 8 out of 10 times cheaper than other Online Travel Agency.

The prices shown are all-inclusive rates with taxes, hotel charges etc, so you do not need to click through check out page to get the final price.

tripspin snap

Some may feel that the website is not really user friendly yet, as TripSpin is relatively new in the travel industry, but do you want to pay more for a user friendly website or rather to have a slightly less user friendly website with greater saving?

What impress me is they are constantly improving the website, customer service and even widen their inventory and range of hotels, cars and tour activities in their website.

How To Go About Booking A Cheaper Hotel Room, Cruises, Cars and Tour?

As you may aware now, hotels prices just won’t fluctuate that much as you are expected, so here’s what I would suggest to get the best deal online:

1.You can start with your favorite booking websites. (Remember to browse through their check out page to get the final rate inclusive of tax/hotel charges)

2. Always double check the room, cars, and tours available in TripSpin, if it is available, most of the time it is cheaper. (TripSpin rates are all inclusive with tax/charges all the time & currency conversion is available too)

3. Go to or click HERE to access TripSpin website.

4. Create a TripSpin Snap account for Free. (Just 30 seconds to fill in name, email and your desired password)

5. Compare the prices of your favorite website with TripSpin at the same time with same basis.

6. You can filter your search by percentage of savings, price, rating and hotel name. 

7. Track the price if you want, as the prices varies by day too.

8. Place your booking.

9. Double check with hotel, car, tour provider on your booking confirmation.

That’s all. Keep your booking receipt, enjoy your trip!

If you like this post, please share it with your friends and family members so that they too will know where to enjoy the cheaper deals.

Get Paid To Travel: Why I Choose To Be Home Based Travel Entrepreneur

Get Paid To Travel: Why I Choose To Be Home Based Travel Entrepreneur

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life ~ Confucius

Finding a job you love is age-old advice.

Get paid to travel, perhaps this is one of the job most people simply love, what if I tell you it’s not a fantasy anymore?

If you want to start your own small business and have the desire to see the world, consider the opportunity in travel industry.

I’m not saying that you should be a tour guide or open up a travel agency, which needs training, certificate and courses.

There’s a lot of disruption in travel industry. Nowadays, many travelers are inclined to do research online and book travel themselves instead of booking a trip through a brick and mortar travel agency.

In USA, internet travel sites are hiring more people to market their travel-related products online and providing many opportunities for travel entrepreneurs to run their home based business.

And the wave of disruption has came to Malaysia! The first internet travel site that providing such opportunity in Malaysia is Tripspin by Hodo Global.

Here are Top 9 reasons why I grabbed the opportunity once it was landed in Malaysia.

1. Get Paid To Travel

The top reason to put your love of travel to work.

Most people love to travel, but can’t afford it or have to wait for the annual leave be approved at the mercy of kind-hearted boss before departing for dream vacation.

Being an affiliate of Hodo Global, owning a travel booking website, Tripspin, travel become my career.

A career with the opportunity to earn money from the comfort of my home while helping others to enjoy visiting new places, save money, make money and even travel for free! And my hard work get paid to Travel for Free as well. It’s not unbelievable.

2. Home Based

Thanks to the internet, the technology disruption has enable everyone to market all the travel-related product provided from the comfort of our home, via a laptop, tablet or smartphone only.

In fact, I can do it online or offline at my preference, and I can do it part time on my own pace.

3. Suitable For Introvert Without Marketing Experience

I don’t know about you, I myself have no sales experience and professional marketing skill.

No prejudice to other niche, I’m shy to sell physical health and beauty product, I’m shy to share my ‘before and after’ product testimonial. But I can excitedly imagine myself sharing amazing places with friends and family when gathering.

It’s so easy to create curiosity and awareness about my travel business by just saying:

”Hey, where did you go last holiday? I have a new travel booking website with amazing deals that will save your money, will you want to try it!”

4. Make Memories With Your Beloved Family

Lots of people say :

“Take vacation! Go as many places as you can with your loved ones.

You can always make money; you can’t always make memories.”

My 3 years old and 7 years old children just love hotel, they can recall every memory of the hotel stay, which hotel has the best food, best kid’s area and best swimming pool.

With Free Travel privilege and passive income generated from the home business, vacation becomes very affordable!

That’s the vision and mission of Hodo TripSpin indeed, make traveling affordable for every family!

5. Travel Is The World’s Largest Industry

The travel industry has touched $8 trillion in 2015, it’s huge!

Maybe some people might tell you the the global economy is unstable and deterring travelers from going vacation. The truth of the matter is global travel is well on it’s way to rising to almost $12 trillion a decade from now, according to World Travel & Tourism Council.

When economic is good, people travel abroad; when economy is not good, people travel locally. Don’t you see your facebook friends were sharing their trips every now and then especially during year end holiday?

People are still flying, people are still booking hotels and renting cars, so we get paid through the process.

6. Worldwide Business Operated From Home

It’s online booking without physical product, I just need to market my personalized link with anyone in the world to earn money and free travel. Who’s that?

  • Frequent traveler
  • Honeymooners
  • Family
  • Single
  • Student
  • Retired people
  • Business travelers
  • People who want to customise trips

They compare the deals with other booking website, for instance Agoda,, and etc themselves.

Most of the times TripSpin are cheaper. They book the trip themselves even when I ‘m sleeping at night, and I get paid for free travel, easy as that.

7. Legacy of Profitable Evergreen Home Business

Travel is evergreen activity that peoples do everyday. The business operates without my presence after established customers and network base, it’s a kind of residual income.

That will be a valuable legacy for next generation, which I’d never think before as an employee.

8. Meet Amazing People

This is referral marketing, as much as we embrace high tech, we also embrace high touch.

When you share the business opportunity and amazing deals in the awesome booking website, you will meet amazing people across socio economic line.

team asia hodo global

I have been to different places and meet different people from all walk of life. That’s including high social status people, businessmen from different niche, professional, and stay at home parents.

It’s a life lesson that probably you could not learn from school and organization.

9. Affordable

How much you need to begin a decent global business? I mean a business that earns USD with worldwide customers.

An ordinary people like me could not own a booking engine forever, a mini Agoda travel website to do the business. But now with the cost of a smartphone, I own the license and the travel booking website to earn the commission and free travel.

The Only Way To Do Great Work Is Love What You Do ~ Steve Job

I’m in doubt of the quote until I find TripSpin, where i get paid to travel the world, a steady stream of passive income.

I can’t help not to share the opportunity with everyone who loves to travel, who wish to start a side business or part time to supplement your full-time income.

If do it right, you can even quit your day job, get paid to travel the world with your loved ones while you are still young.

Check out Here or contact me if you wish to know more and I will help you along your Entrepreneurial journey.


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