Work at home mum in the newspaper this Mother's Day!

Work at home mum in the newspaper !

Work at home mum ‘s Mother’s Day 2017 !

Once in every year, mums will become the focus in every corner of the world and in the news, that’s Mother’s Day!

This year, News Straits Time (NST) is doing a feature on mums who gave up their career by choice for the little ones, but are also working from home, i.e. work at home mum. I was honored to be one of the ‘stars’.

It was such a lovely news this Mother’s Day. Thanks NST and the journalist, Audrey (a lovely mommy journalist) for the article.

Why work from home?

The journey of being a work at home mum started 3,4 years ago. While working full time as a commercial manager, I was lucky to be able to leave office 6pm sharp everyday. However, I was restricted by Mrs. Boss to take leave as I wish to.

Hence, I had a dream, dream that I could have flexible time for my children and ageing parents while being able to earn a living from home.

That’s the dream of most mums, isn’t?

You may be disappointed if you fail. But you are doomed if you don’t try. ~ Beverly Sills

The quote shared by a friends after knowing my dream changed my life. I was so daring to make the decision – quit my full time job after received the message, but of course with my Plan B. Lol…

Start from zero to becoming a work at home mum

Many ideas to earn from home with my skills flow into my mind after decided to be a work at home mum. And I even explored many new fields, new skills and jobs that suit busy mums like me.

Developed my own website, started a work at home mum facebook support group that grows to a thousand plus members now, helping and mingled with like minded mums. Well… just realized I’d done so much from zero while writing these. Huhuuu…

work at home mum malaysia
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The best is…. the support group and my humble two cents on working from home was featured in another article by NST. Check out the full online article here…. 😉

Don’t forget about my Work At Home Mum Ebook, that had inspired many mums succeeded in their online and home business. So proud of it with many many positive testimonials now. Hehe…

work from home malaysia

work at home mum

What to do at home after quit full time job?

I actually worked at part time basis in the office with reducing pay and benefit for a year. By the way, that’s a good idea for transition, and I strongly suggest you opt for it if you can.

After a year, I finally quit and started my Quantity Surveying freelance work (check out how I made it with no client base at all here ;), and built up my own home business.

Yes, two careers that allow me to earn at my own pace and I enjoy it very much.

I shared a lot of home and online business ideas that can earn from home for busy mum. Many were asking what do I do then and why I choose it out of the many ideas I’d shared.

What’s my home business and why I fell in love with it? Check out Part 2…. 😉


Are you a mum who wish to work from home ? Feel free to reach out to me if you need my humble opinion or even work with me. 🙂

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